Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

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James A. Foster to Margaret G. and Henry S. Myers III. Parcel 1, 2, 3, and 4, near Naola, Pedlar District, $140,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to SD-MF Holdings LLC. Lot 32, Wynbrooke, $26,000

Nancy A. Schmitt to Kevin Gillis. Parcel, 0.65 acres off of Va. 682, Elon District, $107,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Nicholas D. Holland and Lauren E. Holland. Parcel, 0.521 acres, Courthouse District, $120,000

Lofton Leasing LLC to Thirty-Thirty LLC. Lots 2, 7, 19, 37, section 1, Stratford Place. Lots 52 and 53, section 2A, Stratford Place. Lots 59, 60 and 64, section 2B, Stratford Place. Lots 17 and 36, Elon Forest, phase I, $2,829,316

Diana C. Summers and Daniel A. Summers to Michele S. Sexton. Lo 1 and 2, 16.6 acres and 64.733 acres, remaining property, $549,000

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

J.C. First LLC to D & D Land Holdings LLC. Lot 1, Porter House Subdivision, Stonewall District, $22,000

Foster Ridge LLC to Joseph S. Lunsford, trustee. Lot 64, Sunset Ridge, section IIC, Stonewall District, $30,000

David Hollis to Charles C. and Dana L. Ranson. Parcel 1, 69.595 acres, Reedy Spring Road. Parcel II, 93.58 acres, 3 miles west of Spout Spring. Parcel III, near Va. 648, 44 acres and parcel IV, near Va. 648, 35 acres, Southside District, $528,000.

Cynthia M. and Kenneth E. Michael Jr. to J.C. Laughlin Builder Inc. Lot 28, Hunting Ridge, Cloverhill District, $60,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Kirk L. and Leslie A. Hicks to Joseph J. and Roseann K. Mike. Lot 9A, Valley Mill Road, Lakes District, $885,000

Suzanne M. Guilfoyle and Jerry R. Waddle to Francis M. and Suzanne M. Guilfoyle. Lot 28, section 1, Mountain View Shores, Lakes District, $567,000

Kebrca LLC to Rockydale Quarries Corporation. Parcel, 58.076 acres near Va. 634 and Va. 720, Blue Ridge District, $475,000

Douglas J. Nicol to James Rocky and Bonnie Baker Ford. Parcel, 1.049 acres, Lakes District, $441,000

Don A. Wiles to Barry L. Sledd Jr. and Bonita J. Sledd. Lot 4, block B, Family Estates, Lakes District, $130,000

Fred W. Smith to Richard Puffenbarger Jr. and Kadee A. Puffenbarger. Lot 133-B, 1.55 acres, Blue Ridge District, $119,500

Russell D. Bamber to Michael H. and Norma Roberts Bamber. Lot 34, section 3, Whisperwood Cove, Lakes District, $25,000

Brian C. and Shimila L. Keenum to Christopher and Trayci Brosovic. 415 Bedford Ave., $174,900

Ricky Lee Arthur to Jeffrey D. Witt. Parcel 1, 1.12 acres, Va. 718 and parcel 2, 2 acres, Center District, $67,000

Kimberly Lynn Robertson Ashwell to Tiffany Watson and Justin Herbert. Parcel, 0.722 acres, Va. 755, Peaks District, $101,000

Michael D. Holt to Mark P. Cousin and Linda A. Geisinger. Lot 6, Fieldcrest, Peaks District, $85,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gary K. Clegg. Lot 13, Timber Ridge Subdivision, $50,555

Lawrence B. Mann and Ashley N. Holmes to Michelle A. McFadden. Lot 13, block 3, section 1, Forest Park Subdivision, $165,000

Norman R. and Virginia D. Fowler to John M. and Gaylyn S. Pantana. Lot 17-B, 32.326 acres, Center District, $305,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Aaron D. Humphrey and James Humphrey to Jonathan and Linda B. Arnold. Lot 56, section 3, Country Haven Estates, $49,000

DCW Rental Properties LLC, William C. Bryant III and Edward R. Turner to Altra L. Witt. Lot 2A, 1 acre, fronting U.S. 501, Long Mountain District, $150,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to CBC Investments LLC. 804 Lone Jack Road, $75,000

Donovan P. Wooldridge, Thelma J. Wooldridge and Tanya W. Smeltz to Deven C. Christianer. 2 parcels, 20.16 acres and extinguishment of life estate, near Va. 623 and Va. 858, $258,000

Willie C. and Josephine D. Cox to Kendall Scott Cox. Lot B, 4.1194 acres, Vista District, $2,883.60

Brandon M. Crabtree to Mitchell B. Shorter. Parcel 3, 12.72 acres, Long Mountain District, $47,000

Dodd’s Farm Supply LLC to Robert S. and Theresa H. Long. Lots 8-15, block 5, LaPrade Property, $280,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

David D. and Cheryl A. Bellows to Amanda G. Adams. Lot 5, block E, Forest Townhouses, $89,000

Thomas D. Parmiter to Mihana Lee and Tory Barnard. Lot R4, block R, Cornerstone Subdivision, $345,000

Leanne T. McDaniel and Kim M. Callaway to Jeremiah Boles. 2 parcels, near Timberlake Road, 2.557 acres, 37,500

Anthony M. and Dominique D. Randall to Reid E. and Kimberly R. Burnette. Lot 2, block 9, Craddock Addition, $74,000

Judith E. and John D. George Jr. to James E. Campbell and Cari A. Kleven. Unit 114, The Gables at Wyndhurst Condominiums, $114,000

Candlewood LLC to Wanda Shook and Alisa S. Dyson. Lot 46, Candlewood Court Villas Subdivision, $209,900

Daniel Owen Smith and Phyllis Marie Garbee Smith to James B. and Tamara H. Carney. Lot 20, block V, section 12, Vista Acres Subdivision, $195,000

Clear Sight Solutions LLC to Daniel A. and Joan M. Pense. 1301 10th St., $28,000

Marie L. Colligan to Strong Tower Realty Inc. 326 Willow St., $27,000

Kelly M. and Charles S. Glenn III to Kimberly Rice Fitzgerald. Lot 2, Knollwood Townhouses, $71,000

Marjorie Peak Harton and Benjamin Kevin Peak. Unit 104, parcel 1, Tradewynd Square Condominiums, $160,000

William E. Witt III to Robert D. Hollis. Lot 14, Doral Acres Subdivision, $175,000

Horse & Reins Restoration LLC to Alexander Shrier and Jaime N. Lester. Parcel, fronting Boonsboro Road, $297,000

Gina H. Meadows to Theodore D. Stryker. Lots 8 and 9, block E, Overstreet Addition, $170,000

Building permits

Appomattox County

Russell Evans Sr., 1549 Central Church Road, storage room addition, $5,000

Robert C. Stephens, 216 Avery Lane, partially finish basement and renovations, $15,000

R.C. Stephens and Stephanie Gilliam, lot 13, 26 North, new dwelling, $140,000

Melvin J. Douglas, Oakwood Subdivision, new dwelling, $200,000

Rudolph Roethel, lot 3A Cloverhill, garage, $48,000

Stephanie and Duane Gilliam, lot 2, Beeks Lane, new dwelling, $100,000

Stephanie and Duane Gilliam, lot 1, Beeks Lane, new dwelling, $115,000

Terry Anderson, lot 2, Womack, new dwelling, $118,000

Willard Lancaster, 2914 Holiday Lake Road, alterations, $12,000

Robert C. Walker, 170 Railroad Ave., deck, $6,900

Ronald Andrews and Garry Andrews, 114 Stevens St., alterations, $40,910

Carol Yates, 230 Stevens St., alterations, $36,275

C. Shuford Builders LLC, lot 53 Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $200,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 30 Benjamin Estates Subdivision, new dwelling, $110,000

Stewart Barney, lot 60 Sunset Ridge, new dwelling, $200,000

D & D Land Holdings LLC, lot 25 Benjamin Estates Subdivision, new dwelling, $110,000

Kevin Bryant, 254 Spring Dr., deck, $10,000

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